Monday, February 20, 2012

Baby chicks!

My, oh my, are baby chicks cute!  This is the 5th time we've incubated our own eggs, and it never ceases to amaze us when hatch time arrives!

This time, we incubated 8 Rhode Island Red eggs.  I've not been successful at candling in the past, but we tried again later during gestation.  Success!  We spied 5 live chicks inside our 8 eggs.  1 of them appeared to be unfertilized, the other 2 were just dark, without movement.  I marked them with an 'x', and two '?'.  The rest got check marks.  I wanted to see how accurate the candling was.

In our experience, Rhode Island Red chicks have always hatched on day 20, instead of day 21.  This time was no different.  It took all day, some were quick and some were very slow, but all 5 of the expected eggs hatched!

They are so cute with their tiny pink feet!  My niece was also able to witness one egg hatching, and she enjoyed that.  The kids took turns holding an egg (being careful not to turn them/disorient them) to feel the chick moving inside.  That was so fun!

You aren't supposed to be able to sex RIR at hatching, but based on the markings on the back of their heads, I predict we have one male and four females.  Our rooster rate has been too high in the past, so I'm hoping for hens!  We need eggs!

We will also be purchasing chicks from Murray McMurray later this week.  Both for meat and eggs.  Our back yard will be bustling with chickens soon!

And, just for fun, my pet:  "Sheriff" Andy Taylor

This is my first link up to Amy's Barn Hop over at Homestead Revival!  There's always neat things to see...................head on over and check it out!



rugosarosefarm said...

Cute chicks! I love chicks! Hopped over from the barn hop. When my Betty hatches eggs they have consistently hatched on day 20 no matter what kind of chicken they were.Maybe she just gets impatient and cooks them a little faster.

Lisa Lynn said...

Thanks for the cute pics! I'm visiting from the barn hop too :)

I have 30 eggs in the incubator right now and I am impatiently waiting for them to hatch this Sunday!

Good luck with all of the little babies!

Cottage lover said...

rugosarosefarm, Thanks for stopping by! I love the name Betty! We like to give our hens "little old lady" names. Maybe one of our new hens can be Betty. And Wilma! Perfect!

Cottage lover said...

Lisa Lynn, best wishes on your eggs! I'd love to hear how many hatch and what breed(s) you have!