Monday, September 8, 2014

1930's dress for dolly Kit

I just finished up this sweet little dress and it is just adorable!  I have admired this pattern for a couple of years and am so happy to finally make it.  Here's the skinny:

Vogue 7565

Dress A, Collar B

Hem lengthened by 1", and only hemmed up 1/2"

Notes to self:  

DO NOT set in the sleeves like the pattern tells you to!  I didn't even attempt it as I could see the nightmare in it.  That arm hole is so tiny!  However, I had already stitched/serged the side seams, so I still had a bear of a time picking out enough stitches to make room to put the sleeves in.  Ugh.

It took me 3 looong sewing sessions to finish this up.  I enjoyed it, but it was a time consuming pattern.....especially with all the stitch pickin'.  I probably have 12-15 hours into this dress.  Maybe next time it will go faster.

Remember to use thread the color of your piping--not the color of the collar.

Next time, lower the front Band by 1/2" or so to balance the added length.  Come to think of it....I might just lower this one now.

The buttons came from a bin I received from an old family friend who had moved to a nursing home.  I don't know if they are vintage or not, but so many of the buttons look very old.  This lady was a wonderful seamstress and you can see the decades in that bin!  There were lots of these silver/navy ones.

My mom bought Kit for me 6 or 7 years ago and I just think she's the sweetest looking doll!  I love the 1930's and want to make several more outfits for her.  I already have the feedsack prints waiting!

One more........close up.

Isn't she a doll?