Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Every SuperMom needs a cape!

Back in December I was tickled to get to be a pattern tester for Liesl Gibson, pattern designer for Oliver + SLisette, and Liesl & Co.!
The pattern I sewed is for the Liesl & Co. line, and is now available as a digital download--how great is that?  It is called Woodland Stroll Cape and  was so easy to sew! 
I'll be honest when I say, I wasn't exactly in the market for a cape.  I tend to shop very "safe" and don't branch out very much.  Geez, I make it sound like this is a real psychadelic superhero cape!
What can I say?  I think my wardrobe is rather boring much of the time!  I NEED more stylish items like this cape!  And so do you, my friend! 

Truly, I spent less than 4 hours making this.  4 HOURS.  And I am probably quite slow!  I think I was rather horrified to realize I could have been making myself awesome pretties like this all these years and have not done so.  Let's just say a light bulb went off!
I really can't wait to make another in a more casual fabric.  Perhaps I'll make it a few inches longer, as well, as I am a bit tall.  Maybe a dark brown or charcoal plaid.  And then one for Ava.  Oh, didn't I mention it is available for kids, too?  So adorable.
I chose a faux suede from the Christopher Lowell decorator line at Joann's.  I couldn't find the label when I bought it, and one of the employees said it was a moleskin.  When I went back a couple weeks later, the label was there and read "Suedecloth".  So there you go.  I thought it felt a smidge heavier than moleskin.

Showing the tobacco colored lining.  Please ignore my lounge wear!!!
I wanted mother of pearl buttons, but these were the closest I could find that day.  The color is close enough and I am pleased with them.  I love the color.  The color of the suede, the color of the buttons, and the color of the lining!  It's just lovely and I'm so glad I was driven out of my little "box" and tried something new!
It feels very luxurious to wear! I've already worn it several times and received some very nice compliments!

It was such a fun opportunity to test this pattern for Liesl, and I hope for the privilege again in the future!
If you still haven't checked out her patterns for kids and women, please do yourself a favor and go do it now!
Be brave.
Branch out like I did and make yourself a psychadelic superhero cape!

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