Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jump Rope Dress.....finished!

Remember the Oliver + S Jump Rope Dress I was working on?  Well, I am very happy to say I am  done with it!

It went together really quickly and easily!  I think I worked on the actual sewing part about 6-7 hours?  Printing and piecing the pattern was additional time, but I figure if I re-use it, then that time gets diluted and shouldn't be added to this project because then it would mentally hold me back in the future. 




Here's how it looks:

Oh!  I also learned a great tip from some of the ladies at the Oliver + S forums.  They trace the pattern pieces onto freezer paper and then iron them onto the fabric.  No need for pins!  Wha...????  LOVE this tip!  It really sped things up for me.  I detest pinning.  Always have.  I just wanna cut my fabric out and get on with the fun know?

I lengthened this pattern to fit my girl.  It only goes up to a size 8 and she's wearing size 12 slim.  I used the finished garment sizes to determine if it would fit and thought there would be enough room for ease.  It fits her, but just barely.  I doubt she'll be able to wear it into the summer.  I should have also widened it a bit.

Still a great learning experience, though.  I now know that I need to modify View A if I expect her to get more wear out of it.

Overall, I really like the finished product!  It's cute, but not too cute (she is nearly 10, after all).  Ava chose the fabric and contrasting placket fabric herself.  I can picture it in denim, corduroy, 1930's print, or even something big and bold from Amy Butler.  Love those little pockets!  They look like itty bitty purses!  So cute and girly :)


I love that she has Transition lenses most of the time...........but, NOT when we are taking pictures outside.  I often grab her old pair of normal glasses so I can see her eyes, but forgot them here.  It was so bright and windy.


I even managed to line up the direction of the fabric quite well!

My first experience with Oliver + S was a very pleasant one!  This is a garment I am PROUD to say I made!  Based on this pattern alone, I highly recommend O+S!  Liesl gives very clear instructions and great ideas for finishing seams neatly.  This has been my biggest hindrance in sewing clothing.  I don't have a serger or even pinking shears.  I still did fine!

If you've not sewn with Oliver + S before, give it a try! 

I actually wrote this post about a year ago and never posted it because I didn't take pictures!  She is now almost 11, and the dress used to come just below her knees!  But, obviously, it still fits her--so my comment about it not fitting into the summer was wrong!

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