Wednesday, December 2, 2009


My sister and I had the best time last night! We went to Borders in Dallas for the Pioneer Woman book signing. We had it all planned out: Get there an hour early, grab a white chocolate mocha, browse for books while patiently waiting our turn to meet Ree, leave around 8:00ish and get Mexican food for dinner...............

Uh.........8:00ish??? Hee hee...........

We had NO idea.

After waiting in the non-moving line for two hours, we began to wonder if she would even still be around by the time it was our turn! After all, the Borders employee we affectionately named HappyLineDude told us we were about number 600 in a line of between 800-900 people. Umm......come again?

That's right. Over 800 people waited in line to meet Pioneer Woman. And we were determined to stick it out! After all, we had already invested over 2 hours in this adventure and had made a few friends along the way!


Around 11:45ish (uh, that would be P.M.), this was what happened...........

Yay, for persistence!

And this is where she said how tired we must be and I told her how I almost took off my boots and carried them!

She replied with, "You should have! I WOULD!"

See, isn't she great!? She would have signed my book, stinky feet and all!

I heard she stayed until 2:00am signing every book for every person who stood in line! She could have left when she got tired, but she stayed just like the rest of us!

If you haven't gotten the chance, go take look at her blog and her down-home cookbook.
Once you do, you'll wish you stood in line at Borders for 5 1/2 hours to get yours signed!

Did I mention how much fun we had??? WE HAD FUN!

(And did I mention how AWESOME my sister is for waiting with me??? Susie, you are the WAY coolest sister I ever had!)

Thanks, Ree!!! You make me wish I were a Pioneer Woman!

Whew! That was only my second post and I managed to figure out how to upload photos and create links! I may be on to something here.


Susie Kay said...

Yeah! we did have a blast, it was really fun. To talk to other women, and oh leaveing the kids at home,(with grandma) girls night out, woot woot, lol, I think that what youd call that, and whoa I got to met the Pioneer women, awesome! She so signed our books!!! Wonder if her had is hurting, there were so many people there!!

Matt said...

Now - y'all need to go hit the Sarah Palin book signing in Plano! Go girls!