Thursday, August 19, 2010

Our Back to School schedule...........

This week I've been test driving my new schedule for the upcoming school year. Normally, I would wake when the kids did and it would be a fast-paced, tiring day until I fell into bed at night. The worst part is, I would often feel like I hadn't gotten enough accomplished. Perhaps we completed the entire school day, but the laundry might have been neglected. Or the dishes. Or the floors. Or all of the above.

I've always known there had to be a better way! I'm moving beyond just getting by with the necessities. Or, rather, my list of necessities is growing!

So, I've been waking at 6am this week. Blech. I set my alarm every night and pray for God to help me get up on time. So far, he has! Except for today. I went to bed too late, then woke up around 2am for a little while. I am tired! I got up, but I didn't do anything but drink coffee with hubby until he left for work at 6:35. Then I got busy. And now I feel behind.

My goal has been to have my quiet time, exercise, shower & dress for the day before the kids get up. Then I can save the world with all that behind me!

The problem? It's just not.early.enough.

I think I need to get up at 5:30am. Double blech. I am not an early riser. I haven't been able to "pop" out of bed since I was a teenager. But, I think it's time to put my big girl pants on!

So, here's what it looks like:

5:30 - Quiet time.
6:00 - Exercise.
6:30 - Shower, dress, hair/makeup.
7:30 - Make breakfast.
8:00 - Start chores for the day.
9:00 - School with Evan. (He's doing K so his school time is short)
9:45 - School with Levi. (He's in 1st this year.)
10:30 - Snack/free time/clean.
11:00 - Finish up with Levi and/or begin with Ava. (She does 4th/5th grade work.)
12:00 - Lunch/free time/clean.
1:00 - Rest time for boys/School with Ava
3:00 - Everybody up! Chores then free time.
4:30 - Start dinner.
5:30 - Dinner/clean up/RELAX
7:30 - Bathe kids/read stories.
8:30 - Lights out for the kids/time with hubby!!!
10:00 - Bedtime. Ahhhh!

Oh, I am also trying out Courtney's cleaning schedule from Women Living Well. My current cleaning routine is lacking so I'm trying something new.

Monday - Menu and Market (Grocery Shop)
Tuesday - Toilets, Tubs, Towels
Wednesday - Wash (Set timer and rotate laundry every hour)
Thursday - Dust
Friday - Floors

I'll let you know how that goes!

How about you? Do you homeschool? Do you have a routine? Is it different than the summer? How do you accomplish your priorities throughout the day?

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