Friday, January 14, 2011

Week 1 Book Review: The Best Life Diet by Bob Greene

OK, so I know I posted I was reading something different last week. I'm still reading that book. But, I was already reading The Best Life Diet and finished it first, so it gets reviewed first!

I also know this book has been out a few years and so you all may have already read it. I had not. So, I finally did.

My husband and I decided this year we would make the switch to eating whole foods. No more fast food, processed foods, sodas and all that yucky stuff. So, I set out to find some good books to read that would have some great healthy recipes in them.

Off we went to Half-Price Books (my favorite store!) and what do you think I found??? A stack of great "diet" books in the clearance section for $1 a piece!!! Holy moly, was I excited! I promptly snatched them all up and proudly showed my hubby my great finds :) Of course, he loves it when he can get out of that store only spending a few bucks! We buy oh-so-many books :)

The Best Life Diet was a really good read. If you are looking for information on cooking healthier and just making better food choices, this is a good one to read. Surprisingly, Bob doesn't want you to start out immediately changing your diet. He wants you to get moving first to see if it makes a big improvement in your weight/health. We were both already exercising and ready to change our eating habits, so we aren't waiting.

After you come to a point where you are not seeing any more progress, then he has you change your diet. They are good changes, too. We have been eating very well! My hubby was afraid he would be eating rice cakes and feel hungry all the time ;) Not so! In fact, last week we had the Beef Fajita and Guacamole recipe from Bob's book and it was absolutely de-lish!

The Best Life Diet is a no-nonsense, practical guide to eating healthy. It just makes sense.

You just have to be ready to change what your doing.

We were ready.

Are you?

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