Monday, January 28, 2013

Sew Lisette...........the Souvenir blouse

Ah, I finally made up something for myself!  I nabbed this black floral quilting cotton from Hobby Lobby for $2/yd! 

Initially, I set out to make the Portfolio dress first, but Joann's did not have that pattern when they were on sale!  Boo!  They also didn't have the Itinerary dress, or Market patterns.  It appears they are all 3 out of print with Simplicity, and possibly will not be available anymore.  But, wait!  Last week, you know--AFTER the Simplicity sale was over, I found them all at a Joann's across town!  Yay!  Now, to wait for them to go on sale again..........

So, I decided to start with a pattern I DID own, and chose the Souvenir blouse.  I ran into a huge problem with the sleeves not lining up AT ALL with the underarm/yoke.  It was such a huge difference I didn't know what to do.  I think I measured over an inch that the sleeves were too small and there was no way to stretch the fabric that much.  I tried.

See that gray bias tape?  That's the top of the sleeve-the shoulder.  The front of it comes down to meet the lined yoke--which is opened up in this photo.  The sleeve should meet the seam of the two yoke pieces.

After checking and re-checking the pattern pieces to make sure I 1) cut out the same size for both the sleeves and the bodice; and 2) made sure I didn't put the wrong sleeves on the wrong armholes; 3) stitched my seam allowances correctly; I finally gave up and decided to just take in the extra amount under the arm and see how it went!  So, the picking began..........

It went fine!  The seams do not line up like they should, but it's black, it's under the arms, and no one will ever notice.  And if anyone is ever examining me that close............under my arms............well, let's just say they deserve to be disappointed!

The top still goes on over my head just fine, and I think it probably fits better with the extra 2" taken in.  This blouse in this fabric seemed like such a good idea when I started, but after I put it on, all I could think of was, "Muumuu."  I KNEW Matt would take one look at it and think the same thing.

It had to have a belt.  I wore it with jeans and that belt around my waist and a tan crocheted open sweater to church.  It was quite comfy!  But, as soon as I got home, I shed those jeans and put on my black stretchy pants as I knew we would not be getting out again that day.  That is why the photos are cropped.  Because NO ONE sees me in my stretchy pants.  NO ONE.  Except the kids.  But, they don't care.

I should also mention that I ended up making the dress version, just without the ruffle.  I'm 5'8" and needed the extra length.  RTW shirts are always so short on me.

Would I make this top again?  Absolutely!  Even though I still have no earthly idea what I did wrong, it was easily fixed and it wouldn't bother me to have to do the same thing again.  Next time maybe a smaller floral, though?  Or denim...........


motherof5 said...

Yay,it looks great!
You are not the first person to question that seam. I have not made it yet but have the pattern so I will be waiting to see how I go.
I hope you get your other patterns.
x N

Amanda S said...

Hi, Nicole! What a relief! I thought I did something terribly wrong--maybe it is the pattern? I know yours will be lovely when you get to it. And, yes, the other patterns have been located and go on sale again in two weeks! I really want that Portfolio!

motherof5 said...

I hope to cut this out this afternoon.
I am intrigued to sew this and see how I go with the sleeves.
Wish me luck?
xx N

Amanda S said...

Absolutely! Best of luck to you.........not that you need it! I'm interested to see if you run into the same trouble with the sleeves. Can't wait to see it!

motherof5 said...

I think you may have put your sleeves in back to front. As that is what I did when pinning,I can see how it happens as it is a tight fit the correct way.

I wish I made the next size up as I added length and I didn't shape it out and it is a bit snug-sigh.